Coopertition Corner: Zoom FLL Robotics Curriculum

We developed a small Zoom curriculum based on the Carnegie-Mellon one and illustrated the algorithms with applications for the City Shaper game. We provide them for free with the hope that they will keep more children engaged in robotics over the summer.

Build a robot with all the sensors using the littlebot-Instructions.

Preliminaries Lesson 1: Software installation and Robot construction
Hardware: Take care of your robot. If any parts get detached please use the littlebot-Instructions.

Software: We think that the older LabView software is more powerful than the Scratch programming.
MacOS running an old macOS 10.7 Lion to 10.14 Mojave the LabView software is here: 
For tech geeks: md5 sum is 472a36bc4184d16d8202a1e838ab6457
NOTE: you need a Mac running macOS 10.7 Lion to 10.14 Mojave. No Mac sold in late 2019 or later will run those operating systems. For the newer ones you need to install a virtual machine. More on that here.

For tech geeks: md5 sum is f7072f79a794618562b3d5bc4f9d3c57
This runs on all modern versions of windows: 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Lesson 2 : (Driving without sensors, measuring distances using motors, veering problems)

Lesson 2 Applications : (Dead-reckoning missions from City Shaper)

Lesson 3: Color Sensors, Proportional Black line follower, Swing City Shaper Mission

Lesson 3 Other applications for City Shaper ( Climb the Ramp with a proportional Line follower)

Lesson 4: Using the ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacles or even to follow the wall

Lesson 5: Gyro Sensor. Go Straight with a Gyro Proportional Follower.

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