Mentoring via Zoom a Summer FLL Robotics Club

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 2.38.54 AMClub Leaders-Volunteers: High-schoolers Anne-Sarah N., Daniel H.,  and Marc N.

FLL 2020 Club Homepage

Before the beginning of the course please install all the needed software as indicated below. Please contact us if you have a Chromebook or a Mac already updated to Catalina and above.

What we will learn and do:

In this club you will learn the basics of EV3 Programming.

The club’s zoom link will be active only during the club hours, which are Sundays 1PM – 5PM EST. Make sure to save the link as it will be the same every time.

The club will meet once a week and we will follow a Carnegie-Mellon EV3 Robotics curriculum designed to teach online core computer programming logic and reasoning skills using a robotics engineering context. It contains a sequence of 10 projects organized around key robotics and programming concepts.

Each week starting from the 22 of June, we will post the theory done, the club challenges and some extra ones to think about.

The structure of the club will be as follows:

  • 30-45 min lecture and discussion on Zoom with all children. All children have to have the camera on.
  • a 45 min-1h of club challenges. Each club will be led by one of our high-schoolers FLL graduates: Daniel H., Anne-Sarah N., and Marc N.

As we are striving to provide each child with a competition mat and a robot we are very thankful for the support of

  • Mrs. Stephanie Stern, First Lego League coordinator for Long Island. We acquired through her help eight such mats.  
  • Anne-Sarah N. from FTC The Bears, The Stony Brook School’s upper school Robotics team, who donated the funds raised to participate in the now canceled FTC World Championships (FIRST Tech Challenge) 2020 to help promote girls and underrepresented minorities in FIRST Robotics.  Eight more new competition mats and pieces for 10 more robots were bought with her help and we welcomed a group of  eight POC middle-school girls into our program. Despite being a small program we wanted to take a step towards making STEM world more welcoming for the underrepresented minorities. 

All the robots were assembled and packed with the help of the mentors. The day on which the box was closed is written on the package. Given the global health challenges, we want to ensure enough quarantine time for the robots and the mats. Please be sure that you disinfect/quarantine them before allowing the children to play with them.

Looking forward to extend the program, we will be welcoming mentors from the FTC teams with experience in FLL robotics.

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